Network Operations Groups (NOGs)

Network Operations Groups (NOGs) have been critical to keeping the Internet Operational and growing. The Internet did not build itself. People build the Internet. And people need to work together to interconnect. NOG meeting are critical for network professionals to meet, teach each other, argue, come to an agreement, and solve really tough problems that impact everyone on the Internet.


  • APNIC –  Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
  • APOPS – Asia Pacific OperatorS Forum
  • APRICOT –  Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
  • AUSNOG –  Australian Network Operators Group
  • BDNOG – Bangladesh Network Operators Group
  • CNNOG – China Network Operations Group
  • HKNOG – Hong Kong Network Operators Group
  • IDNOG – Indonesia Network Operations Group
  • JANOG – Japanese Network Operators Group
  • MYNOG – Malaysian Network Operations Group
  • NZNOG – New Zealand Network Operators Group
  • PANOG – Pakistan Network Operations Group
  • PACNOG – Pacific Network Operators Group
  • SANOG – South Asian Network Operators Group
  • SGNOG – Singapore Network Operations Group


  • AfNOG – Africa Network Operators Group
  • CMNOG  –  Cameroonian Network Operators’ Group
  • NGNOG –  Nigerian Network Operators’ Group
  • SAFNOG – South African Network Operations Group
  • SdNOG – Sudan Network Operator’s Group



  • BENOG – Belgian Network Operators Group
  • DENOG – German Network Operations Group
  • DKNOG – Danish Network Operators Group
  • EOF –  the European Operators Forum WG
  • ENOG – Eurasia Network Operators Group
  • ESNOG –  Grupo de Operadores de Red Españoles (Spain)
  • FrNOG –  the French Network Operators Group
  • GTER – Grupo de Trabalho de Engenharia e Operacao de Redes
  • INOG – Irish Network Operators Group (iNOG)
  • ITNOG – Italian Network Operators Group
  • NLNOG – Ring: Netherlands Network Operations Group
  • NordNog –  the Nordic Operator Group
  • PLNOG – Polish Network Operations Group
  • RIPE and the RIPE Network Coordination Centre, which promotes collaboration among wide-area network operators in Europe.
  • SwiNOG –  the Swiss Network Operators Group
  • TRNOG – Türkiye Network Operatörleri Grubu (Turkey)
  • UKNOF – United Kingdom’s Network Operator’s Forum

Middle East

  • IRNOG – Iranian Network Operations Group
  • MENOG – Middle East Network Operations Group


  • ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

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