APEC TEL 33 Restructuring – Promising

Observations from Laina Raveendran Greene on the APEC TEL 33 meeting in Calgary Canada It was indeed an interesting experience attending APEC TEL 33 in Calgary, Canada has been away from the APEC scene since 2002. My days as Secretary General of Asia Pacific Internet Association during 1997-1999, took me there on a regular basis. Read More


Vendor convergence

Having just written about the telco player convergence, leading to the new AT&T, it is indeed not surprising to learn about how Alcatel and Lucent have agreed to merge to form a major global player in telecommunications equipment. Given the rising interest in rolling out IP NGN aroung the world, this makes sense in its Read More


Quadruple Play

I know lately the focus has been on triple play (voice, data and video) but to some extent it is mainly a new name for convergence which has been debated on for more than 15 years now. Convergence is something that has been discussed as way back as in the late 80s. There was the Read More


In Tunisia, the World Summit on the Information Society sets global goals

TUNIS, Tunisia - Declaring that the free flow of information and ideas can greatly strengthen social and economic development, governments at the World Summit on the Information Society here approved a global agenda for making information and communications technologies more open, accessible, and available. “We recognize that freedom of expression and the free flow of Read More


GlobeTel Announces Changes in Board of Directors

PEMBROKE PINES — February 14, 2005 — GlobeTel Communications Corp. today announced that Dr. Jerrold R. Hinton has resigned as a member of the Board of Directors of GTEL and will be replaced by Laina Raveendran Greene, CEO of GetIT Multimedia Pte Ltd., a Silicon Valley company based in Singapore (http://www.getit-multimedia.com). Dr. Hinton founded American Read More


Dayawati Modi Stree Shakti Samman 2004

Dayawati Modi Stree Shakti Samman is an award in the memory of an extraordinary woman. The award is established by women, for women and is about women. The award is presented annually to a woman who has dared to dream and has the capability to translate that dream into reality. Smt Modi was a champion Read More


E-learning against the odds

MANY people are embarking on e-learning not because they see the need or understand its benefits, but because they are being told to do so. This is due to the hype that surrounds this phenomenon of learning over the Internet using learning management tools, as opposed to distance learning. E-learning enterprise training alone is expected Read More