E-Bay’s Romainan Deliema

EBay goes far to fight fraud — all the way to Romania December 26 2007 http://www.latimes.com/business/printedition/la-fi-ebay26dec26,0,2611360.story   While some may applaud E-Bay’s, the US FBI, US Secret Service, and other’s activities battling cyber-crime in Romania, this article does not paint a picture of optimism. The reality is that we’ve had NO success in Romania – Read More

Australia, ITU, and the “Botnet Mitigation Toolkit” – Missing the Point

We’re seeing a lot of press visibly around the ITU and a new effort around a BOTNET Mitigation Toolkit. (see Hunters kill off zombies ). It is fantastic that we have another education avenue for Service Provider (SP) Executives, Government Policy Makers, and Regulators. But there is a reality SP Engineering, Operations, and Abuse need Read More

Victimized Customers – Botnet’s Triple Edge of Crime

Security pundits and professionals love to extol the badness of how botnets can be used to perpetrate crime. They unhesitatingly point out how operators allow these botnets to exist unintended, taking up resources, bandwidth, server time, and contagion. For the computers infected with the bots, no sympathy. They are core to the evil of the Read More

Principles of Trans-Oceanic Systems

Interconnecting with Services Providers (SPs) across the ocean is expensive and risky. The cost of the links are often the largest entry in the OPEX budget. All of it in hard currency which leaves the company (vs paying another department inside the SP). The risk to these links is often over looked. Oceanic telecommunications systems Read More

SPAM Workshop at ITU World Telecom 2006, 8th December, Hong Kong

Details of the Spam workshop program can be found online There was a lot of useful information shared during the sessions especially with case studies from various countries. Mr Luc Mathan, Board member of MAAWG, noted that with NGN there should not just be a focus on spam legislation but on the whole Interrnet legislation. Read More