Service Provider Security

This is the home of the SP Security space. It is a workspace for the service provider security community to build materials for which we will empower each other with tools, techniques, architectures, and practices that help us all maintain Internet resiliency. These materials are helpful for all large networks. Techniques like RTBH are used by banks, oil refineries, government networks, and large vendor networks (i.e. the companies that make the routers/switches).

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The wiki is a workspace for the service provider security community. Workshops/Bootcamps are being organized. The last workshops were:

Where do I start?

Don’t start with downloading all the materials. “Big Network,” “Cloud,” and Service Provider Security covers a lot of technology. It requires a comprehensive view of how networks, systems, and applications work within today’s telecommunications systems. So it is recommended that people start with some of the overview tutorials presented at NANOG. These videos would provide an overview, context, and sampling of the techniques. Once you have reviewed the materials, figure out what you which to accomplish in your organization and then pull down the more in-depth material.




Please E-mail Barry Greene @ if you would like to arrange for Service Provider Security Workshops, Bootcamps, or Seminars

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