Module Structures

Modular, interchangeable, interactive modules that can be tuned to the audience while individually updated are core principles to the new SP Security curriculum.


Each module is structured with:

  • Knowledge Objectives: What do we seek for the students to know after the module.
  • Actualization Objectives: What do we seek for the students to do and perform after the module.
  • Content (the material that is taught)
  • Reinforcement Actions for Knowledge (Class Work): Item the students can do during the instructive – shaping the multitasking behaviors.
  • Reinforcement Actions for Actualization (Home work): What do you seek for the student to do when they return? Task and exercises that are within their span of control to accomplish without running into organizational barriers.
  • Lab Exercises: Labs that can be done during class to reinforce behaviors, knowledge, and action.

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