What Drives Barry?

What drives Barry’s passion, drive, and empowerment focus? The following is a work in progress to help others learn from my journey, my experiences, people who have cleared the path for me, people who have helped me, and people who have been my allies for change over the last decades. This page is part of

Effective Linkedin Connections – Building Your Network

Effective Linkedin Connections Building Your Social Media Network How to Effectively Communicate (Version 0.4) This Empowerment Doc is for all those who are using Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social media tools build a professional network, seek out opportunities (i.e. jobs),  reach out with “cold calls,” and connect with other humans. Effective Linkedin Connection Connections Read More


Senki’s focus is to empower others. We can only scale by helping each other, clearing the path for each other, and working as a community weaved together by our shared passion. The empowerment pages are guides, articles, and materials focusing on individuals and groups. The range from health, and personal improvement, to job hunting, coaching,