SPAM Workshop at ITU World Telecom 2006, 8th December, Hong Kong

Details of the Spam workshop program can be found online There was a lot of useful information shared during the sessions especially with case studies from various countries. Mr Luc Mathan, Board member of MAAWG, noted that with NGN there should not just be a focus on spam legislation but on the whole Interrnet legislation. Read More

E-learning against the odds

MANY people are embarking on e-learning not because they see the need or understand its benefits, but because they are being told to do so. This is due to the hype that surrounds this phenomenon of learning over the Internet using learning management tools, as opposed to distance learning. E-learning enterprise training alone is expected Read More

What is E-commerce and why is everyone telling you to do it?

[What is E-commerce? This is Laina Raveendran Greene’s answer to follow-up questions from her Keynote during APEC 2000: “Economic Opportunities”  Today (2018) E-commerce dominates and transforms the world.] Before you rush out there and start putting out an electronic shopping cart, or a website for the sake of a website, you need to better understand the medium Read More