About Senki

SENKI is the indomitable spirit in Japanese (it can also be called “war spirit”). SENKI is the personal Blog space of Barry Raveendran Greene. I use it to share views and thoughts on areas of my work related to scaling the Internet. The theme and topics are around scaling (people and the Internet) and the impact of a totally interconnected humanity (what we call security).   In 1989 I signed on to the Internet’s Quest of “connecting everything and everyone while everything is moving.”  Every job role and position I’ve taken has been promoting that Internet Quest. I believe that the interconnection of people in all parts of the world, in all languages, in all economics classes, and all age groups is and will continue to have an unforeseen transformation of humanity.  That means our big issues are scale and the impact of massively interconnected humanity (i.e., what we call security). 

“Security” on the Internet is not the widget of all the tools we use to secure the Internet. Security is a consequence of humanity being interconnected. Massive human interconnection has great good but also brings in the bad and the ugly. All of these are human problems. They are not new. They are all part of our human struggle. Hence, “security solutions” are not the sole providence of technology. Security technology is a tool to mitigate and remediate the consequences but is not an end solution to humanity’s challenges. 

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Common Questions I’m Asked

“Are you open to collaborative opportunity: linking our article to yours?”  No, I do not collaborate with anyone that is not inside my tight circle of security, resiliency, & investigative peers. We will work together on new guidelines, empowerment materials, and critical incident response. But, everything is sourced through me to maintain integrity within my spheres of trust.