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How do I stay connected with Senki and get Updates?

Staying connected with Senki and Barry Raveendran Greene’s work is easy. The work posted on Senki is shared on Linkedin, Medium, Twitter, Facebook (Senki), Network Operations Groups (NOGs), Security Forums, and various Security Trust Groups. The work here often reflects the Security Trust Groups’ efforts to plug holes in the security fabric of the Internet, which is currently at risk. The best way to stay connected is to follow several social media tools so. If you are part of the security forums like the Forum of Incident Security Response Teams (FIRST), look out for updates on the FIRST community pages. 

Why stay connected? You have to connect. What I express is for those who are interested in surfing through the cybersecurity chaos. It is biased from the +35 years of build, operating, scaling, and securing networks. I see things others miss because of the hard knocks of past experiences.

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Barry’s “Connected” Details

Do you want to see what cybersecurity news I read?

Check out my Flipboard SURFING CYBERSECURITY. There is way too much security information to process during the day. Each person will craft their security reading habits. I take all the things I read and SURFING CYBERSECURITY Flipboard magazine. Check this article out for more: How do Security Experts surf the tidal wave of security news?


I use a standard disclaimer to keep my industry work separated from companies I’m affiliated:

All views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated.

Since I’m active on social media, you will see my work at various organizations, quoted in the press, and linked to other industry groups. There will be overlap given the universal interest in the Internet’s success. We’ll work to keep that separate, but nothing is ever perfect.