Telecoms Security Workshop 2012

This 3 Day Telecommunications Service Provider Security workshop provides working knowledge of the top security techniques, response tools, and remediation approaches used in the best ISPs, Communications Services Providers, and Telecoms Providers. These are the foundation techniques used at AT&T, Google, Netflix, NTT, China Telecom, and a range of other organizations.

Don’t wait for a security crisis before deploying the tools you need to protect your backbone, cloud, data center, mobile, or broadband infrastructure. These proven “foundation” tools, techniques, and approaches to security work. They apply to any big network. These tools in a “Telecoms Security Toolkit” have proven to work in some of the biggest networks on the planet. This tutorial reviews all these techniques – focusing on the how and why they need to be deployed along with usage examples. The hope is for operators attending the session to consider convincing their management that many of the tools in the toolkit need to be deployed before a crisis – to prepare the network to mitigate risk in the middle of a crisis.

The following materials from the 2012 Telecoms Security Workshops are provided as a service to the community. Please E-mail to if you have questions or wish for the latest workshop materials.


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