US’s National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (2003)

cyberspace_strategy-120National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC)’s National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (2003) The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace is part of our overall effort to protect the Nation. It is an implementing component of the National Strategy for Homeland Security and is complemented by a National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets. The purpose of this document is to engage and empower Americans to secure the portions of cyberspace that they own, operate, control, or with which they interact. Securing cyberspace is a difficult strategic challenge that requires coordinated and focused effort from our entire society, the federal government, state and local governments, the private sector, and the American people.



Original Draft from 2002

Creating a National Framework for Cybersecurity: An Analysis of Issues and Options (2005)

Research on Topics in Information Security – The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace: an In-depth Review (2003)

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