Conference Talks, Workshops, and Webinars

Barry frequently presents at conference talks, workshops, and webinars. Barry enjoys working with peers to share, empower, and entertain with live interactive sessions. Forty years of public speaking experience is reflected in the talks below. Crafted conference talks tuned to the organizer’s audience. The general theme for all the talks is to help people understand, give them actionable advice, and provide empowering homework they can use to go back and take action to scale, be more secure, or enhance their personal capability/capacity.

  • Keynotes – Barry’s keynotes focus on instigating out-of-the-box thinking. Keynotes need to be memorable, with stories that inspire action.
  • Conference Sessions – Focus on a topic that normally is part of industry security, scaling, or resiliency issues.
  • Curated Panel Sessions – Some issues are best expressed by the wisdom of peers in the community. Barry would use the extensive peer community to curate sessions that empower the audience.
  • Workshops – Security, Network, and DDoS Resiliency workshops focus on empowering new generations of talent. Thousands of engineers around the world have gone through ISP and Security Workshops. Today, the focus is on DDoS Resiliency workshops to help organizations in Cloud, Edge, 5G, and Hybrid Architectures.
  • Facilitated & Table-Top Exercises – One of the best ways to learn how to respond to DDoS Attacks, breaches, and other security incidents is through guided exercises. These exercises are designed to tease out the organization’s security strengths while assisting the team in triaging the weaknesses that best meet the organization’s business priorities.

Requestions a Conference Talk

E-mail Barry Greene ( to discuss conference talks. 

Library of Conference Talks and Workshops

Conference talks, webinars, and other materials are intentionally tuned to the audience. What is in one session may not be exactly what is in another session to another audience. This is a list of sessions that have generic descriptions along with examples from past presentations.  

Practical Security Conversations

If you find your organization needs help and worry about the FUD from the industry, reach out and ask for help. These sessions are conducted in conferences, internal workshops, and security group memberships. If you are interested, reach Barry Greene at These sessions are designed to provide practical, cost-effective, and actionable security assistance. The materials help organizations leverage the talent around them to get started with their security activities. Start with the DDoS Attack Preparation Workbook and Operator’s Security Toolkit. In the meantime, stay connected to the Senki Community to get updates on new empowerment and security insights. You can sign up for the mailing list for updates here: Stay Connected with Senki’s Updates.