About Senki

SENKI is the indomitable spirit in Japanese (it can also be referred to war spirit). SENKI is the personal Blog space of Barry Raveendran Greene. I use it to share views and thoughts on areas of my work related to the scaling of the Internet. The theme and topics are around scaling (people and the Internet)

SLA as a Security Tool

IPPM IP Performance Metrics (ippm) Ippm Status Pages NANOG: Tutorial Abstract: Deploying Tight-SLA Services on an Internet Backbone – ISIS Fast Convergence and Differentiated Services Design IPPM & SLA Papers Accurate and Efficient SLA Compliance Monitoring IPPM & SLA Books Supporting Service Level Agreements on IP Networks By Dinesh Verma

SP Security Empowerment Materials

SP Security Empowerment Materials DRAFT 2.0 The following materials will help SPs, Hosting Centers, and Operators of any large network get details on a wide range of SP Security techniques. Many of these techniques are taking advantage of technologies that already exist in the network – it just takes a bit of time to empower