I’ve got an exciting opportunity for you ….

“I’ve got an exciting opportunity for you …”

“We’re looking for a security architect …”

“Would you be interested in this security role …”

Thank you for reaching out and offering an “opportunity.”  It is a fact that we’re never going to have enough security professionals. The problem will grow. People with 1-3 years security experience are now called “security experts.” All I ask if you are looking for a “security expert” is to do a little bit of homework.  It does not help your cause to offer a security sales SE job to someone who has over 30 years of security experience.

I understand the need to fill the security gaps. This is why I publish, write, teach, mentor, coach, and consult. It is one of the reasons why senki.org exist. I do train new talent. I do mentor CxOs on how to build their security teams. I do help new talent get their start in the security world. I’m connected to the best of the best and will point organizations to paths to find the security talent in their organizations. I do this to build our security community, a community of which I’m one of many who depends on our strong security community. 

If you are trying to poke at Barry’s interest, it is helpful to get to know what drives my work. I’m part of that Internet generation which will not give up building this Internet. It is a community of “never retire” peers who keep working to connected everything, everyone, in all parts of the world, transparently, fairly, with constant motion, and scale.  In 1989 I signed on to the Internet’s Quest of “connecting everything and everyone while everything is moving.”  Every job role and position I’ve taken on has been to promote that Internet Quest. I have faith that the interconnection of people in all parts of the world, in all languages, in all economics classes, and all age groups are and will continue to have an unforeseen transformation of humanity.  That means the big issues we have are scale and the impact of massively interconnected humanity (i.e. what we call security).

What I do is solve problems by listening to people/organizations, figuring out the scaling issues, and instigating solutions. These solution ranges from building teams, clearing the path for others success, building new products, influencing new ASIC/FPGAs, crafting new standards, or fostering connections between people whose interaction will then uncover the solution. At times this work requires me to lead teams (and be the Executive). Most times I prefer the mode of the service and clearing the path (and other get motivated by getting the credit). The service mode/clearing the path allows me to expand my ability to impact more challenges simultaneously. As Mike O’Dell said during the 1996 IETF in Montreal “The only problem we have on the Internet is Scale! If you don’t understand the problem, get out of the room!” As one of my old supervisors, Tom Herbst said to my face “you will only work for someone or some organization which is aligned with your agenda.” If you are looking for someone who is a widget in a company, please look elsewhere. If you are looking for someone who will boost your organization and offers something that will transform the Internet through scalability interconnecting people and things, then knock. 

Over the past three decades, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most amazing people in the industry …. especially the ones who are also working on the cause of “connecting everything and everyone while everything is moving.” That means I really check out the people inside the organization. I ’m a people optimist, viewing all people as gems of capability and capacity. But, people and the organization’s leaders need to be receptive to investing in “polish” to uncover the capability/capacity of their people. I also really look at the sustainability of the solution to the problem. Entropy cannot be avoided. It is a law of the Universe. You need sustainability energy that pushed back against Entropy. This could be as simple as a profitable business model or as complicated as an enmeshed – interlocked ecosystem.

If your “exciting opportunity” is something that will solve problems around the Internet’s Cause, has a team that wants live up to their best potential, and seeks sustainability, then come knocking. We can always have a conversation.  

Until this, think Internet exponentially and the impact on humanity. Imagine what happens as we succeed in connecting everyone to everyone, everything to everything, and all people/things are constantly moving. Then what happens?

Your next actions ….

  • Connect with me on Linkedin. Let me know that you are looking for security talent.
  • If you are looking for mentorship or coaching, reach out to me via E-mail bgreene@senki.org