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External posting is not allowed on Senki. Senki is the personal outreach to a specialized and curated community that focuses on the security, resiliency, and growth of what people now call the Internet. The materials, thoughts, views, recommendations, guidelines, observations, and calls to action are Trusted. The Trust is curated through the community activities in

Performance Review? Lead with your Resume

Starting your annual performance conversation with an updated version of your resume was mentioned in a previous article (see Resume First – Step 1 in your Annual Performance Review). The technique works. The dialog over the resume helps to focus on that annual performance review. Are you adding market value to yourself and your organization? But Read More

CISOs, get your First Sergeant

Behind Every Effective CISO, a First Sergeant is Clearing the Path for the organization’s success. The way we’re setting up our CISO structure is NOT working as expected. The threats keep on coming. Organizations put their fingers in the dike, plugging security risks while exhaustingly bailing water from a sinking boat. This is a no-win Read More

Resume First – Step 1 in your Annual Performance Review

“Before you open up your annual performance review, hand your updated resume to your supervisor.” My father was an HR VP for tech firms. He was radical. His “official” performance reviews required managers to submit their employee’s updated resumes with a ‘memo of record’ attached. That ‘memo of record’ would update the manager on the

Why Are Cybercriminals Targeting Healthcare?

Why are cybercriminals targeting healthcare when the medical community puts patients first? Why are cybercriminals taking actions that threaten people’s lives at risk? The focused cybercriminal targeting of healthcare is now an increasing cause of death. Is this data suppressed? Why? The liability insurance covering all the healthcare community’s medical care would skyrocket. The closure

Social Media PODs for Security

Social Media PODs have been used on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Social PODs are a technique to “hack” algorithm which governs feeds. The Security-Social-POD’s goals are not as elaborate. The focus will be the expand our social media reach while having a group of like-minded security professionals focuses on specific security themes. Our curated Linkedin,

Influential Reading List

An influential reading list that has strongly influenced my thinking, my behavior, my compass, and my practices. The following books have been tremendously influential in my professional and personal life. I’m sorting them by usefulness for people who are looking to invest in themselves. The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age by Reid Hoffman,