Operator’s Security Toolkit

It is time for a refresh of the SP Security materials used by many over the years. Back in 2002, several people in the emerging “Service Provider Security” field pulled together a list of top practices every Operator should deploy. These “NSP-SEC Top 10” techniques became the foundation of our toolkit that is used daily in all parts of the Internet. Years later, these materials require a refresh and a new tour of training to empower new generations of peers and ensure that as many ASNs as possible have these tools deployed. The new Operator’s Security Toolkit will materials we use with all ASN (Service Providers, Mobile Operators, Cloud Operators, Universities, Enterprises, Government Networks, and Multi-national companies). 

An overview of the “toolkit refresh” can be viewed here:  Operator’s Security Toolkit: Investing in Private-Private Action

Workshop Presentations

The following workshop presentations are the latest modules. These are updated and maintained. 

The Operators Security  Toolkit will grow organically with each module developing to meet the needs of the operator community.  There will be a special focus on deployment of the tools needed to allow security practitioners who work on the investigations to productively interact with network operations teams. 

Special Workshops

Workshop & Industry Papers, Checklist, and Guides

The presentations and webinar videos are supplemented by guides, checklist, and white papers. These are all focused on key recommendations to build resiliency and security into the ASN. Many of these are rapid industry consensus guidelines. For example, if there is a large incident like Wanacry (2017), the industry working the incident will use these papers are tools to get the word out in a way that is not “vendor specific.” In time, this will provide the industry with materials that can be used now while being source materials to the NANOG, RIPE, and ISOC BCOP documents.


Resources for the Operator’s Security Toolkit

There are more tools available than most Operators realize. The following are resources, guides, white papers, and other guides to help the Operator deploy the tools in the Security Toolkit. 

  • Open Source and Other Threat Intelligence Feeds. This is a large list of security intelligence resources. Do not sit on your hands when attacked. These tools will allow you to start your investigation without all the internal tools deployed. Practice every day with these community security tools and you will better understand which of the Operator’s Security Tools would be a deployment priority. 

Workshop Papers and Reading List

These documents are part of the recommended reading list. These documents help Security conscious Operators gain the knowledge to help them deploy a more resilient and secure network. 

How to request a part of all of the Operator’s Security Toolkit Workshop?

Please send workshop request to Barry Greene (bgreene@senki.org).  The workshop modules are designed to be presented with each module standing on their own, sections of the module, a mix of the modules (full day) or the entire workshop (1 week). The 1-week workshop includes hands-on virtual labs on RTBH and other essential tools for turning routing protocols into a powerful security tool.