ISP Workshop Program

Inspired by the ISOC Developing Country Workshops, the SP Workshop program created a special – week-long curriculum – providing hands-on backbone training. BGP, OSPF, ISIS, and a general backbone of knowledge are the ISP Workshop’s overt objectives. The workshop’s methodology is specifically designed to build the ‘human network.” The workshop labs force engineers to work and collaborate with each other – demonstrating the power of SP collaboration and cooperation. The last workshop lab exercise builds an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) – demonstrating the technical ease of effective interconnection.

The materials for the SP Workshop program has been shared, enchanted, and taught by a team who all are driven by a spirit of service. The service they provide expanse the Internet through the empowerment of talent throughout the world. Materials from the first workshops in 1997 are still used in workshops today – with the BGP training at NANOG still one of the most popular tutorials.

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