Executive Security Leadership – It is Not Hard!

Security Leadership is not hard. CxOs stress over the security threats to their business. A lot of that stress is generated by the press. Common sense Executive practices and leadership principles have guided organizations through extreme security-related business pressures. What guides the organization is obvious, clear the path for the team, trust the team, pull in the resources to help your team, leverage the full team, understand the real threat, prepare to push back on the miscreants, and don’t panic. This session will use over 35 years of security experience highlighting examples of CxO security leadership, stories that illustrated that leadership, and lessons everyone can use when the crisis hits their organization.

This session will have a short 20-minute overview plus 10 minute Q&A with a longer session posted online to allow people to listen, learn, and actualize the lessons.

Executive Security Leadership – It is Not Hard! Sessions

Practical Security Conversations

If you find your organization needs help and worry about the FUD from the industry, reach out and ask for help. These sessions are conducted in conferences, internal workshops, and security group memberships. If you are interested, reach Barry Greene at bgreene@senki.org. These sessions are designed to provide practical, cost-effective, and actionable security assistance. The materials help organizations leverage the talent around them to get started with their security activities. Start with the DDoS Attack Preparation Workbook and Operator’s Security Toolkit. In the meantime, stay connected to the Senki Community to get updates on new empowerment and security insights. You can sign up to the mailing list for updates here: Stay Connected with Senki’s Updates.