NetAid – Rethinking Networks and Development

NETAID is a movement dedicated to eradicating extreme property. It was an alignment between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Cisco Systems to show how the Internet can dramatically increase the outreach to a community of wishing to make a difference. NETAID involved an unlikely collaboration of talent in the entertainment, technology, and UNDP communities – kicked off with a 12-hour concert in 5 locations broadcasted live on the Internet. 

The NETAID network was a demonstration of rapid network deployment. In a period of one month a team of 12 Cisco and Akamai engineers design, built and deployed a global anycast content delivery system for distributing the NETAID concert and campaign for the entire planet. During this event, coined the term “Akamaize” – as we “Akamaized” the NETAID content for the world’s benefit.

Cisco’s White Paper – The Network Architecture Behind NetAid