IP Anti-Spoofing Research Papers

We have a long library of IP Spoofing Research papers from universities worldwide. These papers are a rich & productive field of academic study exploring the risk, technique, tools, and deployment of IP anti-spoofing throughout the Internet. This page works to collect all papers in one place.

Note: The materials are sorted alphabetically. This does not reflect on any judgment or ranking. It just makes it easier to look for a paper quickly.

Attacking Data Center Networks from the Inside by Anurag Khandelwal, Navendu Jain, and Seny Kamara

Behind Closed Doors: A Network Tale of Spoofing, Intrusion, and False DNS Security by Casey Deccio, Alden Hilton, Michael Briggs, Trevin Avery, and Robert Richardson

Challenges in Inferring Spoofed Traffic at IXPs by Lucas Müller, Matthew Luckie, Bradley Huffaker, kc Claffy, and Marinho Barcellos

Comparative Evaluation of Spoofing Defenses – Ezra Kissel, University of Delaware and Jelena Mirkovic, USC/ISI

Deployment of Source Address Validation by Network Operators: A Randomized Control Trial by Qasim Lone∗, Alisa Frik†, Matthew Luckie‡, Maciej Korczyn ́ski§, Michel van Eeten∗, Carlos Gan ̃a ́n∗ – One of the many efforts to measure the SAV deployment and then explore the incentification gaps that are “headwinds” to SAV deployment (or SAV maintenance).

The Evolution of Cable Network Security by Matt Tooley – NCTA, Matt Carothers – Cox Communications, Michael Glenn – Cable Labs Michael O’Reirdan – Comcast, Chris Roosenraad – Time-Warner Cable, Bill Sweeney – Comcast

Inferring the Deployment of Inbound Source Address Validation Using DNS Resolvers by Yevheniya Nosyk  Contributors: Yevheniya Nosyk, Qasim Lone, Marcin Skwarek, Baptiste Jonglez, Andrzej Duda, Maciej Korczynski

iSAVE: Incrementally Deployable Source Address Validation by Jelena Mirkovi ́c, Zhiguo Xu, Jun Li, Matthew Schnaider, Peter Reiher, and Lixia Zhang

Network Hygiene, Incentives, and Regulation: Deployment of Source Address Validation in the Internet by Matthew Luckie, Robert Beverly, Ryan Koga, Ryan Koga, Joshua A. Kroll, and k claffy

“Network Hygiene Pays Off” – The Business Case for IP Source Address Verification – Joao Luis Silva Damas & Daniel Karrenberg, https://www.ripe.net/publications/docs/ripe-432

On the State of IP Spoofing Defense by Toby Ehrenkranz, and Jun Li

SAVing the Internet: Explaining the Adoption of Source Address Validation by Internet Service Providers by Qasim Lone, Maciej Korczyn ́ski, Carlos H. Gan ̃ ́an, and Michel van Eeten

Source Address Validation (and means to infer deployment) by Maciej Korczyn ́ski and Yevheniya Nosyk University Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Grenoble INP, LIG, Grenoble, France

Spoofed traffic inference at IXPs: Challenges, methods and analysis by Lucas Müller, Matthew Luckie, Bradley Huffaker, KC Claffy, and Marinho Barcellos

Understanding the Efficacy of Deployed Internet Source Address Validation Filtering by Robert Beverly, Arthur Berger, Young Hyun, and k claffy

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