Breakthrough IOT Security to Secure Smart Cities

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) announced their latest IOT Security tool. Automated IoT Defence Ecosystem (AIDE) is a platform built for IOT vendors and researchers. IOT is powerful capability that will be developed by innovators all over the world. The 25 billion by 2021 is a drastic underestimate. The IOT security threat is also underestimated. Read More

IoT Security Standards & Frameworks

Standards Organization, Trade Associations, and Other Industry Groups Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) EEMBC has roots in industry consensus benchmarks that are integral to the success of a company’s products. As stated on their site ( EEMBC, an industry alliance, develops benchmarks to help system designers select the optimal processors and understand the performance

Adding IPv6 Requirements to your RFP

[ Originally posted on Linkedin here: IPv6 – Adding Requirements to your RFP. Adding IPv6 Requirements to your RPF is a necessity when all the major Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and other sites are built for “IPv6” first. Meaningful IPv6 requirements in RFPs are a core tool to your dialog with your vendors. This is a Read More