An interesting 0-Day Comparing Anti-Virus Solutions

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

Comparing Anti-Virus Solutions is something many organizations will (should) do to ensure their security choices sill work. While researching DrWeb’s work on the Flashback.K malware, I stumbled on this chart (see below). It uses data from ( to compare malware packages. Interesting POV that is worth watching over time to see if it is of value. What do you use to compare your anti-virus solutions (use the comments section to reply)?

(Update: still maintains data on the effectiveness of anti-virus. The results can be found on their Virus Page

If you have an autonomous system (ASN), it is strongly recommended to sign up for the daily Shadowserver reports:

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These reports provide a free “outside in” view of what the security community sees in your network. For example, in 2008 at while at a major operator, I got a Shadowserver report that I had 19 systems infected with a Mbroot infection and beaconing out to a C&C monitored by Shadowserver. None of my security tools nor anti-virus spotted the Mbroot infections. Major damage was mitigated all from a free email report from Shadowserver. 


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