Birthday Wish – Three Cybersecurity Precautions

Birthday Wish
(Last Updated On: January 7, 2023)

Thank you for remembering me on my birthday. I hope the year will be prosperous and loving for all. Some people ask what is my birthday wish. This year I’m going to try something different. I’m going to ask all my friends and family to take a minute and invest to protect themselves to cybersecurity threats. We’ll keep it simple with three things that help with cybersecurity for themselves, their home, and the loving friends around them.

  1. Check all your devices to see if they need software upgrades, and please upgrade them. Rapid patching of your devices are critical to your cybersecurity protection. What this classic TED Talk from Jaya Balo where she explains “upgrade neglect” is one of the reasons people are getting compromised by cybersecurity miscreants (see Cybersecurity every day | Jaya Baloo | TEDxRotterdam) Then turn to your family and help them do the same for their devices. Remember to check your TVs, game devices, and anything else you have connected to in your home. Get everything updated to the latest software. Make it hard for the criminals.
  2. Download and activate the Spoofer applications on your MAC, PC, or Linux (download from Then turn to your family and encourage them to do the same on their PC/MACs. Running Spoofer will help the Internet plug up security holes in the network that allow cybercriminals to attack other networks. (See Loading Spoofer to Fight DDoS for more details).
  3. Check your usernames and password @ Have I Been Pwned ( If they are listed, you are in trouble. Change your usernames/passwords. The criminals can use them to compromise you, your work, and your family. Cybercriminals have their databases of your compromised usernames and passwords. They will use them. Change them and teach your family how to use

These three things are cybersecurity habits that are part of my birthday wishes …. To have everyone safe and secure on the Internet.

PS – Yes, there are many more things we can do to protect ourselves from the threats, but these three things – two to protect – one to provide data to secure the Internet – are basics.

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