Hybrid Warfare Lessons from Ukraine – Though Provoking

What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warfare
(Last Updated On: December 24, 2022)

Hybrid warfare is a global reality. The global supply chain means that any war will have cyber-attacks happening everywhere along the supply chain. In this holiday “Security Catchup,” list John Deni facilitates, Vishwa Padigepati, Dr. Sarah J. Lohmann, & Vytautas Butrimas in their report – What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warfare.

Get a cup of tea, coffee, or your preferred drink, and take an hour to listen to the podcast here:

What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warfare webinar (w/transcript)

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Some of the points that resonated with me:

  • Vishwa Padigepati explores unexpected risks. Critical infrastructure requires a capital investment that is spread out to a wide range of organizations. All the vendors, foreign investment, and “contractors” that are part of critical infrastructure build-outs are ignored risks. Her observations evoke interesting ways to penetrate that a State Level threat actor is bound to think about.
  • Dr. Sarah J. Lohmann builds on Vytautas Butrimas’s opening “what happened” to point out how much we’re missing in deployed resiliency. Military operations have dependencies on the community’s utilities. If you deploy “micro-grid” systems to unplug, you find that most of these deploy “micro-grids” never consider the cybersecurity risk.
  • Vytautas Butrimas started the session by walking through what we know thus far about the effectiveness of Russian cyber-operations. But listen to the Q&A session. Vytautas make critical points on how we – the world – are not ready for attacks against critical infrastructure. Our CSIRT/CERT community is heavily www.first.org oriented – which is more “computer data centers” and Internet-focused – not water-plant, gas pipeline, factories, shipping, transportation, etc.

2023 is not going to be the end of this war. It will continue with an expansion to impact the supply lines. Many of these supply lines do not realize they are a target of the Russian war efforts. Widely published work like this is helpful to everyone preparing their security resiliency capabilities.

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