“I saw you comment on Linkedin Scams ….”

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2023)

Someone asked me about an old comment/post I did on Linkedin Scams. He is getting a log of Linkedin Scams and needs more quality connections. It is always interesting to see the questions I get asked. Their questions instigate more thinking on my side on how I can help.

Of course, I first check the person out (he could be a scammer). The peer is a writer, has published books, and has an online presence, with the contact details matching via Amazon and their Linkedin profile. Next step, see how I can help. Here is a polished version of what I sent to him in chat ….

Step One – Curate Materials that People Would Checkout.

People will come and check out your Linkedin profile when capture their interest. You do that by rhythmically adding value. These could be sharing posts with crafted personal insight, sharing materials you have written (blogs, newsletters, etc), and adding constructive comments to post in your Linkedin Feed. You have +1500 followers. Try posting something every week and sharing it on Linkedin.

Keep adding the extras to your Linkedin Profile. There are sections to put your publications. Linkedin continues to enhance. You are a published writer. Update those publications on your Linkedin profile. Every 6 months, go back to the Linkedin profile and see what that team has added/changed as enhancements.

Daily writing habits are part of who we are as writers. If you have a blog, write and share it on Linkedin. If you don’t have a blog, I suggest writing long-form articles on Linkedin. Linkedin is putting a lot of effort into facilitating Linkedin Creators. If your focus is on improvising Linkedin Engagement, then stick to Linkedin.

As you stick to Linkedin, check out some of the Empowerment posts I’ve crafted for others asking similar “how to leverage Linkedin” questions:

Once you get moving on Linkedin, expand and explore Medium, Substack, and Buttondown. I’ve been writing on www.senki.org, then cross-posting on Medium. I then share on Linkedin.