What can Enterprises do to protect against BGP Hijacks?

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2018)

Yes, you can minimize the risk to BGP Hijacks. All enterprises around the world need to have a conversation around BGP Hijacks. We see security news around malware, phishing ransomware, DOS attacks, breaches, and range of other attacks. What we do not see is conversations around BGP Hijacks. A BGP Hijack can happen on one side of the planet and impact a business on the other side of the planet, with huge impact. BGP Hijacks have been used for denial of service attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, geographically wide “wiretaps” and redirection of critical services.

In essence, BGP Hijacks are nasty attacks which CIOs, CISOs, and Executive Boards need to ensure their teams have prepared. Those “BGP Hijack” conversations are hampered by the perception that specialized BGP knowledge is needed to have meaningful security conversations. That is not true! Any organization can be guided through meaningful conversation that will minimize the risk and damage of a BGP Hijack.

In the Akamai blog BGP ROUTE HIJACKING – Yes, we can minimize the BGP Hijacking Risk I cover core questions that any organization can use with their own team, their ISPs, their cloud operators, and their vendors. Each of these questions are guided questions with no “BGP expertise” required.

Read through the blog, ask the question, and prepare your organization. Better prepared than caught unprepared in the middle of a BGP Hijack incident. 

Go to BGP Route Hijack – What can be done Today? for more information on how you can minimize the risk to BGP Hijacks, learn the BGP Best Common Practices (BCP), and access a wealth of BGP Security materials. 

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