NSP-SEC Top 10 SP Security Techniques – Updated Slides

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2018)

NSP-SEC Top 10 SP Security Techniques is one of the core foundation tutorials for ALL Telcos, ISPs, Cloud Operators, Mobile Companies, and other large ASNs (including Enterprises).  This is the foundation for network security. If you are being stupid if not doing these basics and trusting your “firewall.” Note though this that all the recommendations will work on most network equipment, host computers, and uses open source as the first deployment steps. “Lack of capital cost” cannot be used with the NSP-SEC Top 10 Security Techniques. 

At NANOG 47, I gave an update on the NSP-SEC Top 10 Security Techniques. This tutorial has the video posted on the NANOG archives.

The session slides for version 2.1 is here: SP Security Primer 101

The video of the tutorial and the questions are worthwhile for anyone who is new to network security. 

The NSP-SEC Top 10 SP Security Techniques has evolved into the Operator’s Security Toolkit. This is a larger list of more supporting materials, white papers and presentations to help operators build their deployment plans. 


Need Security Advice?

If you find your organization needs help and worry about the FUD from the industry, reach out and ask for help. You can reach me at bgreene@senki.org. Start with the Operator’s Security Toolkit. It is the no-nonsense security for all Operators. It provides details to help them build more security resilient networks. In the meantime, stay connected to the Senki Community to get updates on new empowerment and security insights.