Preparing for the next DDOS Wave

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2017)

This week I was helping with a top 10 list to prepare for DDOS attacks. I did it without reviewing the industry to see the marketing overload of “prepare for DDOS steps.” These all seem to lead the one conclusion … “buy my product.” Steve Zurier (Dark Reading) and I pulled together these ten steps to prepare for a DDOS attack. It is published Dark Reading article How To Prepare For A DDoS Attack: 10 Steps

The approach is a bit different from other “DDOS preparation” checklist. First, this approach does not have the CxO going out and hiring a bunch of DDOS experts. Much of the essential knowledge needed to figure out how what to protect against DDOS is already within the organization. There may be times where you need to hire experts, but that would come later.

Second, this approach put a lot of effort into what to protect, who are your allies to protect those assets, have a dialog with those allies, and then look into the existing network to see what tools are already in the network. Putting out an RFP and rushing to buy Anti-DDOS solutions before taking these steps often ends up to be a waste of time and money. Worse case, rushing to buy leads to buying an Anti-DDOS solution that protects the wrong problem.

Finally, these ten steps do not need a security expert to execute. Any reasonable IT professional can walk through theses steps and significantly add DDOS Resilience to their business. All it takes is the leadership within the organization to provide time to focus, research, host dialogs, plan, and execute. The #1 “Anti-DDOS action” any CxO can do is to carve out time for their team to focus on the problem. That means some other project in the organization will get “de-prioritized.” But that is the job of the CxOs – ensure their team focuses on the most critical problems facing their business.

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