What is E-commerce and why is everyone telling you to do it?

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2018)

[What is E-commerce? This is Laina Raveendran Greene’s answer to follow-up questions from her Keynote during APEC 2000: “Economic Opportunities”  Today (2018) E-commerce dominates and transforms the world.]

Before you rush out there and start putting out an electronic shopping cart, or a website for the sake of a website, you need to better understand the medium you are dealing with and why you need to be doing anything about it at all. If you are a neighborhood shop with very faithful customers who prefer coming to talk to you and shop, do you really need a website and do E-commerce?

If you decide you want to adopt E-commerce, well let me quite provocative today in a session on E-commerce and tell you that rather than embark on E-commerce, you should embark on E-business!

To understand this notion of e-business, it may be good to go back to the fundamentals of this new medium we are dealing with. What is different about E-commerce today, after all, we have been conducting business using fax, telephone, video conference, EDI networks. What is so “e’ about e-commerce? Well, it is the Internet!


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