Why is an “APRICOT” critical to Asia/Pacific Internet Operations?

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2021)

There is one conference where Asia & Pacific Critical people resources meet to maintain the operational relationships critical to the success of the Internet. Are you going to Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT)?

People glue together the Internet and Telecom. People who meet, collaborate, and work with each other to keep their customers happy. Social media stops, games lock up, business grind to halt, and all that “voice/data” traffic is silenced when the “human network” fails from the lack of professional investment into these operational relationships. These relationships are built by 1:1 direct work, and in Internet Operations meetings held worldwide.

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) draws many of the world’s best Internet engineers, operators, researchers, service providers, users, and policy communities from over 50 countries to teach, present, and do their human networking. The 9-day summit consists of seminars, workshops, tutorials, conference sessions, birds-of-a-feather (BOFs), and other forums to spread and share the knowledge required to operate the Internet within the Asia Pacific region.

Speak Up and Be Heard – Call for …. Everything!

Technologies, engineers, architects, and all others who spend day-in-day-out keeping your network growing …. APRICOT is your chance to speak up. APRICOT 22 is looking for people to submit all sorts of sessions for:

  • Tutorials – Learn something new for your operations? Teach what you have learned to your peers so that they can also keep expanding. APRICOT’s is curated for the Asia and Pacific audience, spending a lot of time with peers, experts, and gurus teaching, sharing, and expanding our people capacity/capabilities.
  • Seminars – Have new scripts, open-source, or other things that you can teach. Submit the idea for the seminar to the APRICOT Program Committee.
  • Workshops – What to get an entire day session into how to transform your architecture? APRICOT curates workshops that last a full day diving into deep architecture. DDoS Resiliency Architecture – Essentials and New Hybrid Networking Updates exemplify a “Workshop possibility.” What do you have to offer?
  • Conference Sessions – Foster conversation, expansive thinking, and information about the evolution of the Asia and Pacific infrastructure. APRICOT covers core topics like oceanic fibers, co-lo facilities, and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). APRICOT attracts the industry’s top “Internet gurus” to speak at the conference. Submit your ideas and/or suggest a session for someone else to talk. APRICOT has reached out and curated sessions (just email to APRICOT Programme Committee
  • Birds-of-a-feather (BOFs) – Looking for peers to work together on a project, discuss an issue, or focus on a topic? BOFs are sessions that pull together people and invest in the community.
  • Peering & Operations Sessions – Interconnecting networks is fundamental to APRICOT’s mission. Sessions are set up to facilitate peering conversations. Due to APRICOT 2022 being held online, the Program Committee will only accept Peering Personals before the event starts. Submissions must be of a single slide listing the operator’s PeeringDB entry. Please refer to Martin Levy’s presentation on how to create a successful Peering Personal presentation.
  • Break out Meetings. Are you representing a standards organization, a security forum, or other activity? Are you working to foster greater awareness and participation in the region? Break out Meetings are BoF that pulls together Working Groups, Special Interest Groups, and other Side Meetings. A BoF/Breakout Meeting in APRICOT 1997 during the pre-ICANN consultations significantly shaped the direction of Internet Governance. What break-out sessions would you like to bring to the Asia & Pacific Operations communities?

How do You Submit to APRICOT 2022?

Sessions fill up early. Don’t wait! Use the APRICOT 2022 Call for Papers guide to help you craft your submissions.

What about Past APRICOT Sessions?

There is a vast amount of past APRICOT knowledge recorded and viewable. Many of these sessions are on youtube. For example, Beatty Lane-Davis APRICOT 2020 session on Subsea networking for non-physicists is helpful to anyone trying to understand how the Internet crosses oceans.

Just explore the past APRICOT and gain insight and knowledge from the speakers, presenters, workshops, and other sessions. Be brave and context the speakers. Ask them questions, follow up materials, and get to know them. The Internet is all about people connecting to other people to solve problems together. Leverage APRICOT to facilitate your success.

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT