Netflix Expanding to 200 Countries – What does that mean for Telecom Operators

f you have not already heard this Netflix announcement last week, CEO Reed Hastings, and CFO David Wells said …. “We already offer Netflix in about 50 countries and have learned a great deal about the content people prefer, the marketing they respond to and how to best organize ourselves for steady improvement. Acceleration to Read More

Is “Transparent” Web Caching Dead?

Over the last few months, I’ve been re-exam the value of web caches in a network architecture. Peers have asked me to write up the results. What follows are the results. The are provided to help operators not get pushed by vendors to make costly mistakes. “Web Caching” has been an effective and productive tool Read More

Does the Internet “End” at 500K routes?

No! Of course, the Internet does not end at 500K routes. On August 13, 2014, there was a lot of “news” about instability issues on the Internet that might have been caused by a surge of new Internet routes (see articles like “Internet routers hitting 512K limit, some become unreliable” – The most accurate write Read More

Gathering of telecom industry players in Hong Kong, 4-8th December 2006

The upcoming ITU World Telecom 2006 is being held for the first time outside of Europe (it is usually held in Geneva, the last one organised in 2003). It has become one of the premier gathering place for telecom industry players. Being hosted by Hong Kong, China will give this World Telecom an increased Asian Read More

New anti-spam project created at UN Internet meeting in Athens

Spam is increasingly becoming more than a problem of nuinsance. It affects network and users, and a new initiative of collaboration comes out of the Athens meeting. Read more at Read More

Net Neutrality- a very American debate

Net Neutrality has been a very hot topic of telecom regulation and policy in the US, unlike in the rest of the world. It has largely to do with the debates over a new telecom bill to be adopted. To many, the new bill removes the age old principle of net neutrality, and therefore the Read More

Internet Governance Forum

David Goldstein, a collaborator of the Asia Pacific Policy and Legal Forum is posting and cross referencing other sites following the Internet Governance Forum. Check out Read More

Singapore Consultant Uniquely Tackles Net Policy Issues

The Internet for Policy Makers concept started sometime in September 1998 and it required her last 14 years of experience and discovery to compile the unique CD-ROM on Internet regulatory and policy issues. It’s now paying off for Laina Raveendran Greene as The Internet for Policy Makers recently launched in Singapore. Laina Raveendran Greene, managing Read More

ICANN History – Transcript of an open meeting held during APRICOT 98 on the 17th February 1998, in Manila, Philippines (Part One)

This is part of the ICANN’s history. It is a transcript of an open meeting held during APRICOT 98 on the 17th February 1998, in Manila, Philippines (Part One) Transcript provided by Ms. Laina Raveendran Greene Record of discussions with Mr. Ira Magaziner with the APIA Board and members, in an open meeting held during Read More